The My Heartistic Life Journal and Planner™ is Now Available!

Looking to simplify your daily journaling? Seeking a planner system that offers a bit more? The undated My Heartistic Life Journal and Planner™ offers both tools in one book!

The all-in-one system for writing your story and planning your life!

I’m excited to share that my new journal-planner hybrid is finally live in the Amazon store! This undated, six-month journal and planner includes annual, monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages for managing your schedule, setting goals, creating lists, logging tasks, and planning projects, as well as room for journaling each day. There are also a few dot grid pages sprinkled throughout for writing about those bigger events or planning on a larger scale.

The My Heartistic Life Journal and Plannersystem.

The My Heartistic Life Journal and Planner™ has been decades in the making. Over the years I have used just about every journal and planning system out there. None of them held my interest. So, I finally determined to create my own. This all-in-one space for journaling and planning provides enough structure to allow you to focus on the important stuff, with just enough room for personal creativity.

Undated Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Planning and Journaling Pages!

Yearly Overview

The “Yearly Overview” pages provide twelve months of undated calendar grids with space for writing important dates or notes. The undated grids allow you to start your journal any time and still keep track of a year’s worth of special events. There’s also plenty of room for personalization and creativity. In addition to the the monthly calendar grid pages, there’s a dot grid page for you to add your word of the year, a mantra, or other notes.

Monthly Overview

Six months of undated “Month Overview” pages help you get a bit more detailed with plans and goals. The simple layout offers structure for planning, yet leaves room for personalization. On these pages you will find:

  • A blank calendar grid for annotating holidays, special events, and appointments.
  • Sections for listing Projects and planning Tasks / Goals each month.
  • A couple of extra spaces for notes, planning, designing, or creativity.

All six “Month Overview” spreads are together in the front of the planner to allow for uninterrupted daily journaling.

Weekly Looking Forward and Daily Pages

After the Monthly Overview pages, there are 26 “Weekly / Daily” 10-page spreads. Each spread includes a “Looking Forward” planning page, seven “Daily” pages, a dot grid page, and a “Week in Review” page. The “Looking Forward” page helps you set yourself up for success each week and includes room to set your Top 3 Priorities, manage your Schedule / Appts, list Tasks (To Dos), track your goals, and set an Intention (mantra, goal, prayer) for the coming week.

Next there are seven “Daily” pages with prompts for tracking Mood / Health, Weather, daily Schedule / Appts, and Tasks (To Dos). In addition, each “Daily” page has room for most day-to-day journaling as well as a Gratitude or two.

Week in Review

At the end of each week is a dot grid page for extra journaling, notes, planning, designing, and creativity. Additionally, the “Week in Review” page that offers thoughtful prompts for you to consider as you close out your week and look toward the new week. Use the provided prompts or create your own. The My Heartistic Life Journal and Planner was created to be flexible!

I’ll be sharing more ideas for using the My Heartistic Life Journal and Planner™ in the next few posts. Follow me on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest and let me know if you have any questions. I can’t wait to share more!

Available from Amazon in both paperback and hardcover.

Please note: While ballpoint pens, most gel and archival pens, many highlighters, pencils, and colored pencils, will work great in your new journal, some markers and inks may bleed through the pages. We recommend testing pens/inks on a back page before using them on the daily pages.

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