My Heartistic Life – A Passion for Documenting Life

Welcome to My Heartistic Life! I’m Cori and I’ve been journaling my whole life. In fact, by the time I turned 16 I had more then 10 volumes of journals! Journaling helps us process and make sense of our daily lives and the bigger stories we are a part of.

Some of my grandkids also love to journal. After a conversation with one of my granddaughters, I thought of a daily journal for kids with a few prompts to jumpstart the writing process, but plenty of room for creativity. The All About Me Kids Journal was born! Shortly afterwards I created the All About Me Teen Journal, and then the My Heartistic Life Journal and Planner. It’s been an incredible joy to see people embracing the books I’ve created, and even more so to see people “return” to the age-old art of recording their lives.

Ultimately, that’s my desire. That people will see the value in writing their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and stories, and come to recognize that journaling actually helps us process hard times and celebrate joys. My hope is that in some small way, I’m helping others to heal and grow through the gift of journaling.

You can find my books on Amazon here.

If you’re into planning, you can find my planner inserts in my Etsy store here.

A Bit About Me

I am an Arizona native who loves creating and learning. My family is my favorite and I love spending time with them and doing things for them. I also enjoy a bit of me time – learning new things and developing a variety of skills and talents. I firmly believe that all we take with us when we “go” are our family ties and the knowledge we’ve gained, so I do all I can to strengthen both.

My husband and I have been married almost 40 years and have a lot of fun on this adventure called life. There have been challenges and heartbreaks along the way, and there have been moments of incredible growth and joy.

We have two beautiful adult daughters who have brought amazing sons (in-law), and six wonderful grandkids into our life.