Tips and Tools for Journaling: A Great New Pen Find!

I’m going to call this a “Great Find Friday” post. 😏 

Actually, I really just want to shout this company, @pengems, from the rooftops because, Wow! What incredible pens! I’ve had mine for about a week, and they have definitely replaced my Microns for journaling. 

PenGems is a woman veteran owned company and creates a beautiful product. The refillable pens are sturdy and feel great in my hand. They have a huge variety of colors and styles, and every one is them has a unique set of gems in the barrel and on the top of the pen. 


They have special releases, and I took advantage of the Halloween and Van Gogh releases. I love, love, love that the Van Gogh Letters pen matches my journal! 

The pens are very reasonably priced, ship super fast (I had mine within three days of ordering), and come with one free ink refill.

For common use, the ballpoint ink the pens come with is fine, but I do prefer the Uni Jetstream gel hybrid ink – especially in my journal / planner. It’s fast drying and will not smear with highlighters. PenGems sells these refills, but I got mine from @jetpens.

I’m not affiliated with PenGems at all, I just love their product and business model. Take a look – they have something for everyone!

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