All New Planner and Journal Printables!

I’m super excited to share that I am now selling digital downloads of some of my most popular journal and planner pages! I’ve opened a new store front, the MyHeartisticLife Etsy shop where you can purchase, download, and print planner inserts and journal pages for your own use. And currently, while I’m building the shop inventory, everything is 25% off. It’s the perfect time to stock up!

What are Printable Planner and Journal Pages?

Printable planner and journal pages, or inserts, are pdf downloads you purchase for your own personal use in a disc-bound or ring binder (like 3-ring or 6-ring). Printable inserts are super easy to use – just purchase, download, print, trim (if necessary), punch, and add to a ring or disc-bound binder.

MHL planner inserts are pdf files that are designed to work with Adobe Reader, a free downloadable program. You will need to verify Reader is installed on your local system before attempting to use downloaded files. Inserts may not print correctly if attempting to use a web browser or other program to open and print them.

Printables Save Money and Give You Control Over Quality

Printable planner and journal pages are a very cost effective option. Once purchased, a page can be printed as many times as desired for personal use. You pay a few dollars for a pre-designed page and have an infinite supply!

A bonus is getting complete control over print and paper quality. I highly recommend 32# paper which can easily be purchase anywhere office supplies are sold. This thicker, high-quality paper takes most pens, inks, stamps, highlighters, and so much more with no ghosting and/or bleeding. Using quality paper and inks means your plans and memories will last.

So Many Options

Printable planner and journal pages allow control over your system’s layout. Insert journaling pages or a scripture study page any time during the week, or add extra dot grid pages for planning; the options are infinite. Keep it super simple, or expand as new page layouts become available.

Where Do I Start?

Getting started with a personal planner and/or journaling system is as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Be sure you have access to a decent quality printer and take time to learn how it prints. Alternately, purchased inserts can be taken to a local print shop to be printed and trimmed.
  2. Investigate binder systems. There are tons of options in every price range. At MHL, I’m currently offering half letter printable pages which are compatible with any Arc Junior by Staples, Circa Junior by Levenger, Martha Stewart Junior, or Tul Junior disc notebook. On Amazon I found the Talia brand to be reliable. I’ve also created my own laminated covers and use eight discs with them. With just one or two extra cuts, A5 binders can be used with half letter sheets. If rings are preferred to discs, small 3- or 6-ring binders can be found anywhere office supply products are sold. Hole punches for all these options are readily available.
  3. Purchase a few printable pdfs and start playing and organizing!

Start with a new system by printing about three months of planner and journal pages. As each month comes to a close, I like to remove the previous month and store in a second binder I keep for this purpose. I then print enough pages for the coming month and add them to my planner/journal. Once a system is in place, it’s so easy to make adjustments as desired.

Ready to Go?

Some products now available include:

Daily Details Pages – This insert is a detailed daily planner page with sections for priorities, schedule/appointments, tasks, meal planning, tracking health/mood, and more.

Weekly Planner Page – This insert is a simple weekly planner page including sections for focus areas, schedule, tasks, tracker, and intention.

Weekly Review – This simple weekly review insert includes sections for reflecting on your weekly goals and habits, considering what you could adjust in the coming week, and space to record a victory or two.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out my new MyHeartisticLife Etsy shop. I’ll be adding more pages soon! You can find tips and tricks for using printables on my IG and FB page. I can’t wait to see you there!

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